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Mal's-E: View Cart

WPFE001 White Picket Fencing 1" High

£ 2.00

£ 2.00

WPFE002 White Picket Fencing 10-15mm High

Length 100mm

BARF001 'Old' Bar Fencing 1" High

£ 2.00

BWFE001 Barbed Wire Fencing

£ 2.00

SEF001 2" (50mm) high Tall Security Fencing Natural Base

£ 2.00

SEFE003 1" (25mm) high Low Security Fencing, Natural Base

£ 2.00

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Fences, Hedges & Walls

Our Fences, Hedges and Walls come fully based and ready to use. Each section is 150mm (6") long unless otherwise stated.

Figures included in pictures for scale only