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Laser Cut MDF Bases Page 2

We have an ever increasing range of 2mm MDF bases. The bases are lase cut and can be used in conjunction with our magnetic basing and metal sheet.

Our ranges currently cover FOG, DBM, DBMM 15mm & 25mm as well as a popular fantasy based game and ancient derivatives.

If we don't have the base sizes you are looking for then drop us an email and let us know what you’re after and for what game system. We can cut any size up to 900mm x 600mm

MS17  Rectangular MDF Base 60mm x 60mm Pack size 8  £1.00 per pack

MR3 Round MDF Base 25mm Pack size 20  £1.00 per pack

MS19 Rectangular MDF Base 60mm x 120mm Pack size 4  £1.00 per pack

MS18 Rectangular MDF Base 60mm x 80mm Pack size 6 £1.00 per pack

MS21 Rectangular MDF Base 30mm x 15mm Pack size 24 £1.00 per pack

MS5 Rectangular MDF Base 40mm x 60 mm Pack size 12  £1.00 per pack

MR1 Round MDF Base 15mm  Pack size 30  £1.00 per pack

MSR2 Round  MDF Base  20mm Pack size 25  £1.00 per pack

MR4 Round MDF Base 30mm Pack size 15  £1.00 per pack

MR5 Round MDF Base 40mm Pack size 10 £1.00 per pack

MR6 Round MDF Base 50mm Pack size 8 £1.00 per pack

MR7 Round MDF Base 60mm Pack size 6  £1.00 per pack

MR8 Round MDF Base 70mm Pack size 5 £1.00 per pack

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